Pain & Anger
God's Pain
Money Evil
End Time

Money is Man Made Evil

It is Robbing the World of Life

How Much Have You Contributed?

If you think man is innocent of this then look again.

It appears that anything that makes money for the hierarchy, in any country, is OK to do.

The Deadly World of 666

While man destroys the world and all creation on it, without a thought for the future, God is reacting.

Twenty years of research following reincarnation memory and a lifetime seeking to know where the lies of religion came from has led to this and other sites that explain everything regarding a grand plan. The earth is fast coming to an end, which is obvious to the blindest fundamentalist, and we are facing the wrath of God as IT lets its pain be known.

Christianity is a Stolen Faith

This knowledge is meant for now and it was held back so that religious fundamentalists could not change it. It was determined that those who believe that God is a man on a cross are who are adding to God's pain are not spiritual, except perhaps in their own minds. They are trapped behind the wall of churches

Religious Origins

The brain-washed product of the lies unfortunately have control. They include journalists, historians, politicians, kings and others. They continue the lie and add to it by all they do and say.

People once knew that angry gods do angry things. Many still believe they blow up mountains, cause droughts, famine, disease, unrest, kill people, and generally make the world an unsafe place. This is exactly how the Universal Spirit makes its anger known

The Day of the Lord's Vengeance

To counteract it they appeased their gods and they fed nature as if it were a Mother and provider of all things, which the Universal Spirit is. So why did we stray from that principle. The answer is - money. Once it was invented it became the new god and everything that produces money, be it slaves to industry, pollution, destruction of rain forests, or anything else, is fair game. So man continues to destroy all life.

Killing the World - Whose Responsible

It is from these beginnings and the power of the sun to give and take life that modern religion evolved.

Ancient societies sacrificed their blood and their children to make the earth happy and prosperous as they understood that the anger of their gods is devastating.

Spring Equinox Crucifixion Rituals

Well! We have an angry God who is retaliating with pain and suffering because of ITS pain and suffering. It is hidden by myth and magic that has made the Spirit of the Universe into a man that men control. But it is all in the Plan of God

The Plan of God

You might think this is an arrogant statement by an ignorant person who has a grudge against the world, but it is not the case.

The 'son' of the Virgin Mary arose from the reflection of the sun in water, according to ancient myths, and there is nothing spiritual in either. To 'hear' the law of the sun men worked out a way that the 'sun' could come to earth as a man.

The Mother God or Mother of God

This tale is retold in myths ranging from Apollo, Bacchus, Moses, Zoroaster, and so on. By rescuing the deserted sun from the water methods were devised by which it was claimed he became a man. The story encompasses the Virgin Mary who, as the sun, could never be touched by men and she watched her 'sun' = 'son' grow from a distance.

The Whore of Revelation 17

This was established through my research and when visions were given to me of how the Spirit of the Universe was turned into Jesus Christ, with the Virgin Mary (sun) the means by which the magical feat was performed, the greatest fraud ever devised fell into place.

Misguided Spirituality

God was then turned into a man on a cross by men and supposedly killed for man's glory. One man in particular made it so - 666. The ancient Virgin Mary could never be outdone and she was converted from Mother god to Mother of god by clever promoters of the crucified Saviour God, Jesus Christ.

The real God which is the Universal Spirit and which cannot be killed was changed into the devil through the image of the man on a cross.

The New Testament Conspiracy