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Confronting the Pain of life

The Reincarnation of Norma Holt

The Truth - God's Pain, Anger and Retribution

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Spiritual healing is free and instant when the truth is known and the scales are removed from your eyes. Are you too deaf and blind to see it?

One day a man stood in front of me on a cross. His head was hanging when he lifted it looked me in the eyes and called my name, "Norma". Inside I heard in a strong authority voice "TAKE ME OFF THE CROSS".

The look on his face spoke volumes. It was a statement of pain beyond belief, of rejection, confusion, innocence and loss. I can never forget it.

It was months before I had learned enough from all the Spirit was teaching me to understand that pain. In a world of conflict, confusion, hate, violence, murder, hunger, disease and wars humans wear that pain on their faces every day. It is God's pain but it is human pain of life.

As I went back and forth through the New and Old Testaments the story of that pain was pointed out to me. It was shown that lies have usurped the truth, stolen the treasure of life, and hidden the real God from its people. But it went a lot deeper as I soon found out.

God is Spirit. It is no man and has no sex. It is what we have inside of us those who are spiritual. It is what we feel when we hear the truth, do the right thing, follow the correct path, and do good for others. It is joy, love, peace, and above all it is elevation above man's squabbles, above money and wealth, and above all form of politics. It is the high plane of God.

But to find its people the Spirit has had to take on the appearance of a man, a crucified man, a man people only relate to because they expect that God has suffered the worst of man, has been killed by man, is controlled by man. So those seeking the power of God, the truth of God, go to the man on the cross that bears the name of God.

So in that sense God, the Spirit of the Universe, had to become the man on the cross in order to attract its own spiritual children back to itself. Do you understand how that works and why the Spirit is in pain. It was never a man, never one to be killed, never under the control of men, never judged by men and most certainly never the father of a human child.

But 666 turned God into that image and so those seeking the Spirit must first look to the man on the cross, according to his religion. That has blinded and deafened God's people. They are trapped and, therefore, so is the Spirit.

God's pain is in the loss of those who should be close to the Spirit and in the Spirit but they are trapped in the rubbish of religion. They are fed the food of destruction by leaders, priests, films, and the media. They are destroyed because the truth is destroyed before their eyes.

When I knew the source of the pain I felt the pain. I felt the need of God and the loss of Chilren. I felt what it is like to be wrongly accused of something that you havn't done, to be condemned through the mouths of liars and made into something you are not. Yes, I had all those experiences and the pain is horrendous for those who bear it.

"It is in the turning of things upside down that mankind is lost" were the words spoken to me by the Spirit. Words echoed in this passage:

Woe unto them that seek deep to hide their counsel from God, and their works are in the dark, and they say, Who seeth us? and who knoweth us?
Surely your turning of things upside down shall be esteemed as the potter's clay: for shall the work say of him that made it, He made me not? or shall the thing framed say of him that framed it, He had no understanding? Isaiah 29:15,16

The New Testament and its authors, the cohorts of 666, changed the Old Testament to make it align with their lies. This is noted in diaries, letters and historical documents and detailed in the e-book on offer here. They changed the nature of God from Spirit to man so they could make it conform to the ancient traditions of killing a man on a cross as the 'son' to become the 'sun' and new god in the sky, or heaven, as it was later called.

As they call the name Jesus it is the Spirit that must answer but it is the man they see. In the healing, spiritual infilling and whatever gifts they seek it is the Spirit that answers but the man on the cross takes the credit.

This is the darkness that sits over the world and which nothing can penetrate because it is too thick, too gooey, and to black. Yet it will go as the light of this message circulates around the world, as shown to me in a vision.