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The Universal Spirit is Now Back

The Truth - God's Pain, Anger and Retribution

Spiritual healing is free and instant when the truth is known and the scales are removed from your eyes. Are you too deaf and blind to see it?

How would you feel if you spent your life building a beautiful home for your children and then they came and destroyed it. Everything you had put in place for their benefit was treated as nothing more than something for money. Then they turned on each other, torturing and killing as they went.

Now you have the picture of why God is angry. Why the pain is being inflicted as God retaliates.

Terrorism is not just blowing people up to make demands, or warring against neighbours, raiding another's country, or acts of genocide. It goes much deeper than that. Any action that hurts others must be classified as terrorism including poisoning food, contaminating water, and overpopulation due to religious convictions or social wealth

Most people become violent if they see or experience it themselves. The trend today leans towards extreme violence and sex images which violates women. The USA produces an enormous quantity of violent related images in film that is exported to the world. It not only teaches criminals how to be better at their job, but it introduces new weapons of war, better and more sophisticated technology for the greedy to steal from the poor, and so on.

Such film shows the young how to succeed at crime and excites their adrenal glands for more of the same. Is it any wonder that kids go to school with guns and many teenagers kill peers and even family members

Violence has no respect for life, person or environment and those who destroy trees deny the world of essential oxygen and are as much terrorists as those who held and murdered the people of Beslam, in Russia recently, or who perform other violent acts. Some, like drug dealers and environment vandals, do it for money, which is worse than fighting for freedom

If you threaten life or jeopardise anyone's rights to freedom and stability you are a terrorist. If you alter nature so that you cause hardship or death, whether now, in twenty years time, or a thousand years from now. you are still a terrorist. The earth is dying because of man's greed

Global warming results from the Industrial revolution and burning fossil fuels. There is a case that as the northern ice caps melt the Atlantic circuit, a current that brings warm heavy water from the tropics, will collapse. When that happens the Northern Hemisphere will enter a new Ice Age. As it does the Southern Hemisphere will see increasing drought and loss of forrests. The end result is famine and death.

Does anyone out there really care?

How do we protect ourselves against the stupidity, greed, and actions supported by governments and which jeopardise our future?

How do we bring to justice those who:
  • alter genes and possibly poison life forever as we do not know the long term results?
  • are responsible for the overfishing of oceans with massive trawlers - for greed?
  • stop safe sex practices within communities for misguided religious reasons?
  • force women into having children they do not want?
  • enslave people to unjust causes or force them to work for little reward?
  • rape and murder women and children?
  • alter river courses and/or dam them unnecessarily?
  • pollute rivers with heavy metals from mines

The list is endless as greed and stupidity runs the world and terrorism is practiced everywhere against all societies - so what is your involvement in it?

Terrorism is among other things:-

  • ugly
  • blinding
  • chaotic
  • destructive
  • short sighted
  • manufactured emotion
  • male dominated behaviour
  • the product of power
  • fed by greed
  • the result of lies

We are in chaos because of man's repeated failures. Its not about bombs and murder but the way we think and act that has delivered the current catastrophy. That begins with what we take in. There's an old saying 'What we eat today will walk and talk tomorrow.' Well! We are eating some pretty disgusting food and we will soon pay handsomely

The Spirit is back and that is an onorous sign that we are at the end. There is no time for change as we have absorbed

  • ideologies that are wrong,
  • teachings that are wrong,
  • expectations that are wrong,
  • politics that are wrong,
  • laws that are wrong,
  • books that are wrong
  • societies that are wrong
  • traditions that are wrong
  • discrimination that is wrong

Someone once said to me: "The bottom rung is crooked isn't it?" That's exactly what our castles are built on. In this top heavy world of paper cards all houses are about to fall - except one. The Spirit will save Its own - The House of Israel

Man bred weakness of mind and spirit to set himself on the path of destruction. As resources decline and populations increase the panic sets in and even more terrorism will result as the end draws nearer

Do you know that:-

  • Oxygen levels are now 14% - down from 40% a few years ago and declining. What will we breathe when its gone? At 7% we are all dead. Trees that produce oxygen are being destroyed at an alarming rate and not replaced
  • Cancer now attacks one in three - down from 1 in 100 a few years ago and the rate is increasing. So too is asthma, diabeties, obesity, and many other problems related to the environment
  • Global warming is melting the ice caps and sinking island nations. Continents are also suffering as rain fall declines, floods and cyclones increase, and crops fail.
  • A further rise in temperature will see land on which we depend covered by water - and its still rising. Desertification is already happening as previously good farmland turns to salt. Without the forests the animals, birds and food resouces that nature supplies are also gone
  • Weather patterns are unprecedented. While parts of the world are in the grip of the worst droughts ever other parts have the worst floods
  • Famine is just around the corner as crops are wiped out and herds ravaged by foot and mouth or mad cow disease have declined and chicken flue is rife in some quarters
  • Fish, animal and bird life continues to be depleted to critical levels
  • Many species are becoming extinct as they hover on the border line
  • The forests that sustain life and create oxygen and rain are down to 1% in some places and still being destroyed mostly for wood chips - all for greed
  • Disease is rife, particularly AIDS which is increasing in strength while new forms, such as SARS, are emerging
  • Genocide is still practiced as we see in the Sudan region of Dafore
  • Slavery is still practiced and whole villages are pillaged for human trafficking in places like the Sudan
  • and so on - the list is enormous

A dying earth is the product of man's power, and greed born of misguided thinking. Attacks on life have reached unprecedented proportions and yet men still rape it for money

Disease, starvation, natural disasters, and imbalance are out of control. The earth and its inhabitants scream out in pain. The death throws are obvious

To understand why we are in this situation is to search the truth from the bottom up. The time of the end is in prophecy and its here. Man has his false gods but God has the final word.

Destruction comes; and they shall seek peace, and there shall be none. Mischief shall come upon mischief, and rumour shall be upon rumour; then shall they seek a vision of the prophet; but the law shall perish from the priest, and counsel from the ancients (people of this time).

The king shall mourn, and the prince shall be clothed with desolation, and the hands of the people of the land shall be troubled: I will do unto them after their way, and according to their deserts will I judge them; and they shall know that I am God. Ezekiel 7:25-27

While fulfilling this promise the world fights terrorism that comes in all forms from all sources. It fights the natural disasters, diseases, and overpopulation. It fights man's stupidity and ignorance.

One thing is certain. Money will be of no use when there is no water to drink, no food to eat, and no air to breath. As oil prices soar we are heading for economic disaster as well.

Those who destroy the environment of this beautiful finite earth are terrorists. They are bankrupt of all things decent and will suffer the consequences of their actions. They may have millions in bank accounts but what good is money without life?

God's controversy involves all of the above as man considers himself equal to the divine - which he is not.

This is shocking stuff and only the strong in mind and spirit will benefit.

Whether you believe in God or not does not matter - this site could change your thinking forever. Take the time to think with wisdom and see what you can do to stop terrorism in your home, community, country or the world